Might be Monsters is a simple tableau building game where players are racing to defeat the big bad monsters, leveling up along the way, helping each other out, and sometimes stealing from each other. The players take the roles of children who think they are playing a game of Caves and Creatures. They have adventures and fight "monsters" in an old abandoned city. And not only can you play as one of the characters, but the personalities that each class represents are reflected in the players' actions themselves.
These are the class cards early concepts.
Based on the first sketches, we proceeded with some more thought on each character design.
The Cleric is the rules lawyer, he knows the hit points and weakness of the monsters and hands out candy for curing light wounds. The Bard tells and draws (and exaggerates) the adventures of the party.
The Rogue often knows a better use of your valuables than you do.
The Fighter, everything is a nail, everything is a hammer, some things are both.
The Mage is the tinkerer, he is good at building things.
The Shaman has far too many animal friends and is always outdoors. Also, a bit of an alchemist.
And then, that's how the card illustrations look like, they're not the final version yet.
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This project was conceived by Christopher Cummins
and you can follow its progress on the Board Game Geek forum.
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Vanessa Yotumoto
Takeshi Oyama
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